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LifeBook Ltd is a private producer of autobiographies for clients who wish to share their life stories with their families and friends in a memoir style book that depicts their legacy.

Each of our authors offers their own unique story, and the role of the LifeBook ghostwriter is to use a series of 11 recorded Spanish interviews to bring an author’s stories to life in a memoir that they will share with their family today and for generations to come. Our goal is for anyone who reads the book to feel as if the author is telling their stories to them through the pages.

This is a freelance role, to be considered you must have previous Spanish creative writing experience. Writing sample links should be supplied with your application.

Note – Writing will be completed in Spanish not Catalonian Spanish, with all communication with LifeBook in English.  

Role Requirements:

  • An enthusiastic attitude with a desire to write well and take pride in what is produced                                 
  • A keen eye and attention to detail – we have a duty of care to our authors to accurately capture their stories in full
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to work both autonomously and as part of a project team
  • The ability to meet a 48-hour turnaround time when writing up each 90-minute interview
  • Experience using web-based platforms and Microsoft Word
  • The ability and willingness to adapt the writing style if required by the author and take on board any feedback
  • An understanding of the need for complete confidentiality and discretion

Note – Writing will be completed in Spanish not in Catalonian language with all communication with LifeBook in English.  

Please apply online via our website,


To apply, fill in the details below and submit your application.

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