LifeBook Does the Royal Wedding

Royal wedding fever hit the UK on 19th May and everyone is still talking about it. The LifeBook barn is buzzing about who wore what, how incredible Meghan Markle and Prince Harry looked together, and, yes, that minister.

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LifeBook Author Testimonial – Phil Kuhl (‘Gramps’)

Overall, I am thankful to LifeBook and its process. My grandchildren, who were the reason for my project, love the book! My own adult children also have enjoyed it. Meanwhile, I had great fun writing it!
Now I will keep ‘visiting’ with those I meet … continuing to share (loan) my book to those who seem to have an interest.

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Capturing a Life Story – Maud and Mum

As a carer, I’d like to highlight what I think is one of the most important parts of a care plan: the bit that attempts to convey a little of the life history, passions, interests and preferences of the person being cared for. That way, helpers don’t just see an ‘old person’; they see the individual. Lately, I’ve been wondering how to record more of Marj’s life so that family and those who support her know a bit more about her. We know some stories between us, but not all, I’m sure.

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LifeBook Author Testimonial – Michael S Collison

We received a very kind message from Mr Michael S Collison, who completed his LifeBook in October 2017     I'd had many fleeting thoughts over around 10–15 years about writing my life story for my family, who, through various circumstances and certain...

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Reflections on Dementia, by Mr Harvey White

Mr Harvey White became consultant surgeon at The Royal Marsden Hospital in 1976, and later held similar positions at King Edward VII Hospital for Officers, St Luke’s Hospital for the Clergy and The London Clinic. Harvey has also been much involved in charity work,...

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LifeBook author Mrs Lore Graham visits the office

We were recently visited by Mrs Lore Graham and her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, who had commissioned the project. Mrs Graham arrived to pick up her copies of The Life of Lore Ilse Graham and kindly sign a copy for the LifeBook library

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Roy’s Story – Helping the Elderly

It wasn’t until he neared retirement that he had the perspective to consider other motivations.  Being first and foremost a business man, it didn’t occur to him to set up LifeBook as a charity, so the Social Enterprise was the perfect model for him to deliver social benefit.

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Strike A Light – Arts & Heritage

Strike a Light is a non-profit community arts and heritage organisation which focuses on involving people’s life stories and local memories to engage a wide range of groups and individuals in creative and heritage activities, encouraging engagement and outreach as well as involving memories and archive material; making art to transform public and private spaces.

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Ghostwriting for LifeBook: Fay Wrixon

What’s your favourite aspect of a LifeBook project? The end.  All of the projects take up a lot of mind-space and you are always thinking of alternative ways to best capture what the author wants to express. The satisfaction when you have finished the task makes you smile for a good week.

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LifeBook, a lasting legacy – DREAMING A NATION

At LifeBook, we produce books for authors through the bespoke, customised service that we offer, each title tailored to the author’s needs. Dreaming a Nation, which follows the life of Sir Frederick Smith and charts the independence of Barbados, was produced by us for...

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Interviewer Testimonial – Glen Bird

1:19 / 1:55 Interviewer Testimonial Glenys UK Embed this story on your website Glen Bird  - Interviewer testimonial My Name is Glen Bird and I am an interviewer for LifeBook. I’m absolutely delighted with the job it just suits me perfectly. I’ve found LifeBook...

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Client testimonial – Tim Steel

Tim Steel - Client Testimonial "Hello, My name is Tim Steel and I am calling to give a testimonial on behalf of my mother, Annie Reiner aged 85 who’s just completed a LifeBook. We came across the company via a presentation by Roy Moëd at investors and we were...

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What’s your legacy? Tell your amazing story with LifeBook

When I began this review, all I had was a white box that said: “You´re Amazing”. It took me a little longer than usual to figure out what this was all about and only then, when I saw the end result was I able to fully appreciated how meaningful this luxurious gift is...

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Remembering War Stories

Do you know your parents' war stories? Two thirds of Brits regret not writing them down. Important familial and historical event and anecdotes could soon be lost forever; LifeBook autobiography service campaign for a written record. Visit Giddy Limits to read the full...

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LifeBook in the news!

LifeBook has taken to the airwaves to help highlight that despite 64% of Brits being told war stories by a parent or grandparent, only 8% of us have recorded them for future generations - important historical events and anecdotes that will soon be lost forever. See...

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Turning Memories into Manuscripts

Why Everyone has an Important Story to Tell Getting our most treasured memories down on paper is something many of us think about but often we don’t know how to go about it. Writing an autobiography seems to sit with celebrities who have a star-studded story to tell...

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Everybody has a story to tell – Roy Moëd of LifeBook

Entrepreneur Roy Moëd set up LifeBook, a bespoke autobiography service, in 2010 with the mission of helping older people enjoy their lives and ‘age successfully’. He was inspired by his elderly father, Jules, who was blind, in a care home and felt he had nothing left...

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LifeBook Partner: The Telegraph

LifeBook Partner:

The Daily Telegraph, commonly referred to simply as The Telegraph, is a national British daily broadsheet newspaper published in London by Telegraph Media Group and distributed across the United Kingdom and internationally.

LifeBook Partner: Healthcare International

LifeBook Partner:

At HealthCare International, we are always looking for ways to add value to the way that we work with our clients. One of the benefits we offer you is through our partnership with LifeBook.

LifeBook Partner: The Royal Legion

LifeBook Partner:

The Royal British Legion, in partnership with bespoke autobiography specialists LifeBook, is proud to announce a special new service to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

LifeBook Partner: Healthcare International

LifeBook Partner:

The Positive Health Wellness site is for those of us who look for the information they need to live a more positive, healthier and happier life.

LifeBook Partner: The Readers Digest

LifeBook Partner:

Launched in 1922, Reader's Digest has built 90 years of trust with a loyal audience and has become the largest circulating magazine in the world.

LifeBook Partner: The Readers Digest

LifeBook Partner:

The Lady is Britain's longest-running weekly women's magazine. It has been in continuous publication since 1885 and is based in London.

LifeBook Press: BBC

LifeBook Press:

Ali Hall struck upon the idea of her elderly father turning his life story into a book as a way to help lift his spirits.

LifeBook Press: ITV

LifeBook Press:

Psychologist Lynda Shaw warned that loneliness can also exacerbate diseases like diabetes, dementia and some cancers.

LifeBook Press: The Times

LifeBook Press:

The books offer a clue to Mr Moëd’s occupation; these eclectic stories are his business.


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