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Over 7,500 people around the world now own a LifeBook private autobiography.

However, we are increasingly being commissioned by clients who want to preserve the memory of a loved one or record the stories of a parent who died suddenly. Often, in these situations, children are left to grow up without a mum or dad, never having the opportunity to know them. LifeBook Tribute books have helped many families preserve the memories of passed loved ones in a beautiful personalised book, so that future generations can get to know those who are no longer with them.

From a family who had lost their daughter to an accident in her early 20s, to a father who lost his wife to illness and wanted their children to grow up knowing who their mother was, our trained and empathetic team have guided a number of families through this deeply personal project, ultimately achieving a priceless Tribute book.

When someone enquires about a Tribute project, the first thing we do is to arrange a private consultation with the client to understand the purpose of the project and the person whom the book is about. Then, our specialist Tribute team get together to work out the best way to bring a project of this nature together and create a transparent proposal.

Tribute books are sensitively written through the interviewing of multiple contributors from all aspects of the person’s life. It could be as simple as interviewing the subject’s close family, or could extend to school friends, friends and former colleagues. Each interviewee’s favourite memories and anecdotes of that person are then recorded in their own contributing chapter and illustrated with their personal photos, building a picture of the late loved one so that future generations can understand and appreciate their role in their family’s history.

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