‘The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated. It is a maxim that is found in many religions and cultures.’

Interviewers entering an author’s home have had background and criminal record checks.
Customers’ payments are monthly and interest-free over the 6 months of the LifeBook project.
Documents and photographs are always scanned in the author’s home, never removed.

Latest Testimonial

LifeBook Author Testimonial – Tom Cuban

LifeBook Author Testimonial – Tom Cuban

Thank you Tom for allowing LifeBook to use the closing statement from your private autobiography ‘Nothin’s Easy’ as a testimonial. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of all parties mentioned.

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LifeBook Author Testimonial – Phil Kuhl (‘Gramps’)

Overall, I am thankful to LifeBook and its process. My grandchildren, who were the reason for my project, love the book! My own adult children also have enjoyed it. Meanwhile, I had great fun writing it!
Now I will keep ‘visiting’ with those I meet … continuing to share (loan) my book to those who seem to have an interest.

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LifeBook Author Testimonial – Michael S Collison

We received a very kind message from Mr Michael S Collison, who completed his LifeBook in October 2017     I'd had many fleeting thoughts over around 10–15 years about writing my life story for my family, who, through various circumstances and certain...

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Ghostwriting for LifeBook: Fay Wrixon

What’s your favourite aspect of a LifeBook project? The end.  All of the projects take up a lot of mind-space and you are always thinking of alternative ways to best capture what the author wants to express. The satisfaction when you have finished the task makes you smile for a good week.

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Interviewer Testimonial – Glen Bird

1:19 / 1:55 Interviewer Testimonial Glenys UK Embed this story on your website Glen Bird  - Interviewer testimonial My Name is Glen Bird and I am an interviewer for LifeBook. I’m absolutely delighted with the job it just suits me perfectly. I’ve found LifeBook...

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Client testimonial – Tim Steel

Tim Steel - Client Testimonial "Hello, My name is Tim Steel and I am calling to give a testimonial on behalf of my mother, Annie Reiner aged 85 who’s just completed a LifeBook. We came across the company via a presentation by Roy Moëd at investors and we were...

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LifeBook author testimonial – Mrs Barbara Guttridge

We recently received a note from one of our authors, Mrs Barbara Guttridge This makes everything worthwhile I wanted to write to you and say how pleased I am with the finished product; I have received great feedback from my family, who said it was interesting,...

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Author testimonial – Keith

“In the past, I’ve enjoyed telling my children, and later my grandchildren, about my own childhood which, of course, was so vastly different from their own.”

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Interviewer testimonial – Diana

“What I love about being an interviewer is I get to listen to the most amazing and fascinating life stories and everyone, whatever they have done in their life, has a story to tell, be it of love, friendship, work, travel.”

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Ghostwriter testimonial – Alwyn

“The thing I most like from a writing point-of-view is really capturing the voice of the person whose life story you’re listening to so you get a sense of them as a person, as an individual.”

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