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The LifeBook™ Product

 Can I buy a LifeBook for myself?

Yes absolutely. In many cases the giver of a LifeBook™ often goes on to become an author themselves, telling their story for their children and grandchildren and of course thoroughly enjoying the experience in the process.


Is there a minimum age requirement or an age limit?

No. We welcome anyone who would love to turn their memories and stories into a LifeBook™.


What will my completed autobiography look like?

Your LifeBook™ will be a professionally printed, section-sewn, hardback linen book, up to 160 pages in length and including approximately 60 photographs.


What is the best way to structure an autobiography – chronologically or by subject matter?

This decision is of course entirely down to the author and the book will take whatever form they choose. We find that most authors tend to adopt a chronological process, but of course we are happy to offer assistance and advice to help make the best choice.


Can I get additional copies of my completed autobiography or reprints at a later date?

Yes, extra copies are available at any time and full details are outlined on our Book Enhancements page. We are also happy to go through your requirements on the phone so please just call us on +44 (0)20 3291 1169.


Do you have Interviewers already set up in other countries?

The relationship between the author and interviewer is a very important one and as such, our interviewers are newly recruited for each individual project. Our aim is always to match the interviewer with the author as closely as possible. Once we have received your personal background information, we then start the recruitment and training steps to prepare your interviewer. This may take anything between two and eight weeks, but in our experience it is frequently completed in less time.


Who can I speak to?

We recommend that, in the first instance, you speak to one of our Customer Service Managers who will be able to take you through all aspects of a LifeBook™ and answer any questions that you may have.

How Does LifeBook™ Work for Couples?

Both my parents want to have a LifeBook. Can they be interviewed together and will the interviewer be the same person?

We have a new product called ‘LifeBook Together’ to accommodate both partner’s stories in one volume. Each party has their own separate interviews to capture their own memories and both stories are included in one volume. Call and we can explain how this project works.

The Interviews

How many interviews, reviews and edit meetings are there?

There are 12 meetings in total, ten x 90 minute interviews, one Main Review meeting and a Sign-off to Typeset meeting – all of which take place over a six-month period.


Where will the interviews take place?

In the author’s home or in a mutually-agreed, quiet and private location.


Who conducts the interviews?

A locally appointed interviewer who has been specifically recruited, background checked and fully trained to guide the recounting experience and prompt reminiscences.


Can I have a LifeBook over a different timeframe?

Yes, we are able to modify the timescale to suit your requirements, although our experience shows that a weekly interview timescale is ideal. Please just ask us. Long delays may incur a nominal re-start charge.


Can a family member be present during the interviews?

Each session is designed to fully engage the author with an enjoyable activity, so we suggest that they have their interviews alone. We have found that additional family attendees, although well-meaning, can sometimes distract the story telling and thus detract from the author’s enjoyment.


If the author has concerns about the content or progress what can I do?

Every LifeBook™ is allocated to a Project Manager who will be responsible for the quality and progress of each book. They monitor each interview session as well as the ghostwriter’s book progress. The author is also free to discuss any aspects of their book with their Project Manager.


If I have concerns about my parent’s progress or the content what can I do?

Every LifeBook™ is allocated a Project Manager, who will be responsible for the process of each book, monitoring progress as it develops and regularly updating the giver and the author on developments. The giver is also free to discuss any aspects of the book with the Customer Service Manager.


What happens if the author gets sick during the process?

We will postpone the interviews until the author is well enough to continue and will reschedule the remaining interviews to suit their recovery and availability. Long delays may incur a nominal re-start charge. If the author is too ill to continue or should not wish to complete their LifeBook™ for any reason, the contract can be cancelled. This needs to be done in writing in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of our contract.


Can a loved one of the author be kept informed of the progress of interviews?

Yes. We regularly send out communication to the Giver and Author to keep them updated on progress. In addition, the Interviewer and Author have regular review meetings, following which (with the Author’s consent) an edited book progress version may be available for family members to read.


What happens if the author does not enjoy the process?

LifeBook interviewers are trained to provide an enjoyable experience and will seek feedback during the process to accommodate the author’s wishes and disposition. In the case where an author is not happy, the Project Manager should be contacted. If there is not a satisfactory outcome, the contract can be terminated. Interviewers are skilled individuals who undergo full training. They are also subject to a full a background search which is called a Criminal Records Check (CRC) in the UK. For Interviewers who do not reside in the UK, we will perform the equivalent check appropriate for the country where they reside.


LifeBook™ ghostwriters are highly qualified writers with backgrounds in media, journalism or academia.


LifeBook™ Project Managers have extensive experience in project management and           co-ordinate between the editing, proofreading and production team members.


Can I cancel the contract in the middle of the process?

You can cancel at anytime with just one month’s notice in writing so that we can notify the interviewer and ghostwriter.


The Writing

What do you mean by the ‘author’s voice’?

Your children and grandchildren should recognise you from the writing.

What if the author’s version isn’t the truth?

This is the author’s story. Why spoil a good story with truthful detail if it’s not needed?

What if there are stories we don’t want included?

This is the author’s legacy and so it will only include the stories they want written down. Even if a story comes up during the interviews and late in the process the author changes their mind about including it later in the book, this can be done. Nothing goes to print without the author seeing and approving it first.


How does the copyright work?

The copyright in the LifeBook™ and all materials used or generated in the process of creating the LifeBook™ will be the author’s. We will transfer that copyright to the author without additional charge when the work is complete and has been fully paid for.


We reserve and retain the exclusive rights to the LifeBook™ name, concept, methodology, format and layout of the book, and any other intellectual property other than the text of the LifeBook™ that we may create during the course of its production (Lifebook™ IP). The author may use the Lifebook™ IP non-exclusively under license from us limited to the number and form of the printed copies of the Lifebook™ referred to in the Author Consent. We will also retain ownership of, and all rights in, all working materials, papers, interview logs, notes or recordings prepared or used during the course of the project, but will not disclose or reproduce these without prior written consent from the author or as may be required by law or to deal with any legal claim. We will not release digital versions of our interview voice recordings to the giver or author at any time. Finally the giver also agrees that we may retain copies of the completed LifeBook™ for our quality control and records.


If you choose to end the Client Agreement by serving one month’s notice on us and pay all our fees to that date, we will provide the author with a PDF of all written text up to the date of termination. On written request by you and payment of a further fee equivalent to one further instalment we will provide the author with five bound hardback copies of the LifeBook™, as completed up to the termination date.


Who owns the copyright?

LifeBook Ltd owns all copyright until the LifeBook™ is completed, paid for in full and handed over to the author. Thereafter the copyright belongs to the author.


Is there an extra charge to purchase the copyright?

There are no additional charges to purchase the copyright.


Can I sell my LifeBook to my clients and customers?

A LifeBook™ project is designed to capture the author’s personal life story and to be shared with their family and friends. It is not for commercial use. Once completed, the autobiography belongs to the author. As stated in our terms the author is responsible for any libel, breach of privacy, copyright infringement or similar risks which they need to be conscious of before selling or distributing their book to third parties.


LifeBook™ Ltd does not accept responsibility for any legal matters that may arise from any potential public complaint or litigation if you do decide to sell copies of your LifeBook™.


How do we ensure quality?
We manage it all times by having an audio recording of every interview meeting.

How do you go about recruiting?

Recruitment is handled by our HR department. We have a large pool of proven interviewers and ghostwriters however, where we need to recruit, we carefully select experienced professionals to suit the author and their story. Once selected, each interviewer undergoes full background checks and a bespoke training program on which they are tested. Our interviewer’s personalities and backgrounds may vary broadly but we recruit individuals who enjoy the company of others and possess empathy, active listening and questioning skills. They will be respectful towards an individual’s privacy, open-minded, mature in their outlook and required to act within the professional guidelines set down within their LifeBook training.


What guarantees do you offer?

The LifeBook™ contract may be cancelled at any time following the serving of the required notice.


We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase.


We provide the utmost care and a professional service.


Your confidentiality is protected, with each interviewer being fully background-checked and trained.


Each project has an allocated Project Manager who oversees the individual LifeBook™ project from start to finish.


The company is based on integrity and respect and we enjoy the mutual respect with our clients.


What if we don’t like the writing style?

Don’t worry, with the audio recording we can go back after the first review and re-write according to your preferences.


What is LifeBook’s policy on confidentiality?

All LifeBook™ employees and associates are subject to rigorous confidentiality clauses within their contracts. The author’s consent form confirms our commitment to confidentiality.


I have lots of thoughts and written material. How can I include this into my book?

The interviewer is trained by LifeBook™ to deal with all memorabilia such as photos and other items. However, we can incorporate past work or writings for an extra fee. Please advise your Project Manager before starting your interviews if you have material.


Do you do LifeBook in different languages?

Yes to date we have completed LifeBooks in Greek, Spanish, German, and French.

Who else has completed a LifeBook™?

To date we have created numerous LifeBooks in several different countries. Please feel free to read some of our client and author feedback on our Testimonials page, watch the numerous videos, listen to testimonials and look at the map page showing some of our clients around the world.


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