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LifeBook’s Bespoke Corporate History Services

Have you been searching for someone to write your company story? We know many people toy with the idea, but we also know all too often the moment passes. That’s when you should talk to us and let us, your corporate history writers, pen the story.

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Your corporate history is in good hands

From the moment that you decide to write and share your corporate history, your dedicated project manager is here to make sure you have a magnificent book to share with business connections, family and friends: a beautifully bound, section sewn, linen-covered hardback book. Our team of dedicated project managers, interviewers, ghostwriters, editors, typesetters, proofreaders, printers and bookbinders are about to become yours.

Corporate History Projects

LifeBook - Corporate History - SteelFab, Inc.

“I am so glad we took the time and spent the money to have the book written and we plan on updating it within the next 10 years”
Glenn Sherril, SteelFab, Inc.’s CEO

LifeBook - Bespoke Corporate History Projects

“All our corporate history projects are bespoke and completely tailored to your needs. It is a pleasure discovering the fascinating journeys”
Yvette Conn, LifeBook Director

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