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The LifeBook Autobiography Guide

Some people are natural writers and can sit down and write their own autobiographies and for those we have set out 10 essential tips.

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“Overall, I am thankful to LifeBook and its process. My grandchildren, who were the reason for my project, love the book! My own adult children also have enjoyed it. Meanwhile, I had great fun writing it! Now I will keep ‘visiting’ with those I meet … continuing to share (loan) my book to those who seem to have an interest.”

– Phil Kuhl, LifeBook™ author

LifeBook Autobiography Guide

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LifeBook has hundreds of interviewers and writers who help people who are not natural writers, or don’t have the time, to write their autobiographies as a precious legacy for the family.

It’s time to tell your story. Find out how.

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