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Who are LifeBook?

LifeBook is one of the world’s leading private autobiography services and a proud partner of Keylu. Originally founded in 2011 by Roy Moëd, after being inspired by his father’s book, the company has produced more than 10,000 LifeBooks around the world. Based in London, UK, our team works in tandem with carefully selected and trained interviewers based near each of our authors, allowing us to work with anyone, no matter where they are.

Why did we partner with Keylu?

In terms of ideology and values, there is a lot of overlap between LifeBook and Keylu. We partnered with Keylu because they understand that it isn’t just the important legal documents that should be safely secured once someone has gone; it should be all the sentimental pieces as well. Photos, videos and recordings are crucial in supporting members of a family, enhancing a person’s legacy and preserving their memory. LifeBook was created to protect memories and add to one’s legacy, so both parties believe it is important to enable authors to store their LifeBook-related documents within the Keylu system.

Why you should write your story with us

From the moment you decide to share your story, we’re here to make sure you tell it in the best possible way. You’ll be creating a unique piece of family treasure that will be cherished by the generations to come: a beautifully bound, section-sewn and linen-covered hardback book.

We make the process of becoming an author easy, providing

  • A tried-and-tested structure, great attention to detail and painstaking craft in everything we do.
  • A professional local interviewer who will meet with you on 12 separate occasions.
  • A dedicated project manager to ensure everything goes smoothly and who will manage your interviewer, ghostwriter, editor, typesetter, proofreader, printer and bookbinder.
  • Beautifully bound, section-sewn and linen-covered hardback books (protected by bespoke dust jackets), plus a memory stick containing your audio highlights and restored photographs.

You are about to do something special, lasting, simple and, most importantly, fun.

Testimonials from memoir authors and gifters

“My, as yet, unborn grandchildren will know everything about their granddad.”
Nigel Gray, LifeBook Author

“It meant a lot that I could give my father a gift that had real meaning”
Ali Levin, LifeBook Memoir Gifter

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