The role of the LifeBook ghostwriter is to help capture amazing stories about a person’s life. You will play a vital role in bringing to life the recorded interviews of the author’s autobiographical stories, creating a wonderful lasting legacy for their family and friends.

An interviewer will regularly visit the author and record 11 x 90-minute meetings over a three-month period. You will then write each audio recording into a manuscript for the book, which will build stage by stage creating the final autobiography.

You will have a passion for writing and a flair for creatively interpreting each of the digitally recorded interviews, elevating them into something special, while maintaining the true voice of the author. You will also be responsible for incorporating all of the author’s edits, resulting in a final, typeset-ready manuscript.

You will be part of a project team working closely with an editor and a project manager.

This book will be written in Swedish and all communications with LifeBook will be in English.

In order to be considered for this role your cv must be in English. 

 To be successful you will have:

  • Good Swedish creative writing experience
  • The ability to communicate in English
  • Willingness to adapt the writing style if required
  • Experience of working remotely
  • An understanding of the need for complete confidentiality and discretion
  • Ideally with experience of writing autobiographical material

To apply, fill in the details below and submit your application.

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