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A Bespoke LifeBook

A flexible approach to meet your needs

Custom/bespoke books

If there is a project that you would like professionally printed but it doesn’t fit into any of our standard LifeBook packages, then we can help. This can be anything: from an autobiography you have already written, to a family history, or a compilation of letters from a loved one. Perhaps you are in a hurry to get a book or memory printed for a celebration, or if someone is unwell? Or you want to create a unique and personalised gift for your parents’ wedding anniversary or the birth of your first child? Maybe you’d like to have your own novel or diary printed and bound into a beautiful hardback book?

Whether long or short, autobiographical or a project about something or someone else, a bespoke LifeBook™ can meet your requirements.

Our experienced team has expertise in producing a wide variety of printed and personal books. Working alongside a dedicated project manager, we’re confident we can tailor-make a project to meet your needs and help you produce your beautiful book, just as you envisage it.


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