Ahoy! A New LifeBook Crew Member Has Come Aboard

Everyone has a story to tell; we truly believe this. To make more life stories become cherished heirlooms for families, the LifeBook team needed to grow. The latest shipmate to join the LifeBook crew is sailing fanatic Ian. Coming from a publishing background, he was an ideal candidate to join the LifeBook team and become our new business development manager.

We are very excited that Ian has joined us, and both parties cannot wait to begin putting more authors in our LifeBook library now that he has come aboard.

In order to get to know Ian better, we asked him a few questions, with amusing results. Could we have a future LifeBook author in our team?

Talking with Ian

  • How did you hear about us?

Well, I was actually on the train, reading the newspaper. I came across your ‘This is your LifeBook’ advertisement and thought, What a great idea! I originally got in touch to discuss the possibility of a LifeBook for my father. That started a conversation, and it snowballed from there.

  • If you were to become a LifeBook author, what would the title of your private autobiography be?
Ian's - boat and his pride and joy

Ian’s pride and joy

As you know, I am a very keen sailor, so it would definitely be within that field. Perhaps Uncharted Waters.

  • What is your favourite aspect of the LifeBook journey?

Most definitely the end product! The final book an author receives is of the highest standard, and to see your life beautifully captured for the first time must be a very special moment. I also like the legacy it can create, the opportunity for a life’s worth of lessons to be passed down the generations must be very comforting for any head of family.

  • With what story would you start your private autobiography?

Probably a short story on signing a record deal on the Innervisons label with my old band. However, we were unfortunately surplus to requirements when they signed a little act called Wham!


  • What would you consider the best day of your life?

I imagine mine will be the same as many others: without doubt, the day my daughter, Hannah, was born.

  • What would your message be to future generations?

Most importantly, follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; learning from them is a very important part of life.

There’s certainly an interesting LifeBook there! Another colourful character now part of the LifeBook team. With both Ian joining and our Sky TV campaign just beginning, it is a very exciting time to be aboard the good ship LifeBook.


Ian - Business Development Manager

Ian – Business Development Manager

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