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A Memoir – the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Posted on Feb 5, 2021 in Editorial, Home Carousel.

Happiness for generations to come

A memoir really is the gift that keeps on giving. Here at LifeBook we sometimes come across the reluctant author. Someone who has been gifted a memoir but struggle to see why they would do it.

John was one of those. However, luckily for family generations to come, he did go ahead writing his life story to please his children and grandchildren. He would never have imagined the joy it is for his son Alan to read the book with his granddaughter. She finds the part where John writes his mother said he was born under a Mulberry bush particularly funny.

Thank you John and Alan for sharing these heartwarming videos with us.

Born under a Mulberry bush


John’s dedication of his memoir to his grandchildren


If you are interested in penning your story, please get in touch. You can also find memoir and autobiography testimonials here.

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