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We recently received a note from one of our US authors, Mrs Adele Hatcher

When my book arrived and I started sharing it with our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the reaction was real joy.  They could not put the book down until they had finished reading about their roots and my life.  As a result of this window into our family and my life, my family has become closer to one another, their heritage and to me.  They now know me as a whole person, not just the one part of my life that involved them. Having finished this story has given me a peace and joy in knowing now I will be remembered as part of their lives and even the ones I will never live to see can read my story. I know that my life will always be a part of them in some way.

I do recommend that one should not wait until their 80th year to write their book, because you are testing both fate and memory.  After a life-threatening recent illness, I cannot express how thankful I was to know that, whatever the outcome, with the help of LifeBook, my story was finished to leave behind.  As you know, before I found LifeBook I had attempted to write my story on my own but I soon realised that I might never get it finished.  LifeBook assured the completion of my book and I will forever be grateful that I found them or they found me.  I was especially blessed to have my personal project manager overseeing my efforts and an excellent interviewer.  Their competence is exceeded only by their ability to work with clients to make each book a reality.  LifeBook is a wonderful creation and will surely bring great joy to many like me who want to leave behind the knowledge of life and generations for their families of the future.  

My best always,


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