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LifeBook Expands to the USA and Calls The Villages Home

Posted on Apr 19, 2016 in LifeBook News.

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British based company LifeBook has expanded to the USA and are now proudly calling The Villages home. The company offers the unique service of helping people all over the world to create their legacy autobiography for themselves, their families and generations to come.

Founder of LifeBook, Roy Möed, said the company is excited about bringing LifeBook to The Villages.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing LifeBook to Florida and offering The Villages community with the gift of a lifetime. It’s a celebration of life and a journey of discovery,” Mr Möed said.

“LifeBook provides an opportunity for people to tell their stories and document their lives in a treasured archive – a legacy that can live on for generations,” he said.

LifeBook was originally established in 2012 by Mr Möed who was inspired by his own personal journey. His father, Jules, was almost blind and felt he had nothing more to contribute to the world.

Möed asked a friend to visit his father for an hour each week to ‘interview’ him and document his stories. He discovered that his father eagerly awaited each visit and relished in the chance to talk about the fond memories and experiences of his life. This very first autobiography inspired Möed to take LifeBook to the world.

“My goal was to find an affordable way for anyone, young or old, to create their very own personal autobiography, wherever they are in the world,” Mr Möed said.

The six-month autobiographical journey involves weekly face-to-face interviews with a trained interviewer. Information gathered from these meetings is then used by an experienced ghostwriter to write the autobiography in consultation with the participant. The stories and photographs are then produced into a unique LifeBook published as a family legacy to keep forever.

For further information about creating your LifeBook call 888-530-7373 (If in the USA) or 0800 999 2998 (If in The UK)

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