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My private autobiography Gold Street to Golden Years was a year-long project for me.  Tom Harnett, my project manager, was so very helpful and available for me during that period. Thanks Tom.  Every minute of my authoring labor was rewarded by the deep appreciation of my family when they received the beautiful finished project. My hope is that my grandchildren and the next generation will glean some of the values that were so important to me.  It is the best gift I could have given my family. Thanks so much to the LifeBook staff.

Jerrie Rudd-Breen

LifeBook Private Autobiography

Private Autobiography – Gold Street to Golden Years

JodiJodi - LifeBook Private autobiography

I’m Jodi Bouris, Jerrie’s daughter here in Peoria, Illinois, USA. I wanted to send you a testimonial to add to your collection, as a work like this needs to be shared.

The private autobiographyGold Street to Golden Years, The Memoirs and Adventures of a Midwestern Girl, the exceptionally special book written by my mother, Jerrie Jae Bonk Rudd Breen, is one of the most precious gifts my family and I could ever receive. 

My mom presented her book to my son, daughter, and myself this summer and I cannot even describe my feelings about this labor of love that she completed, with the help of your team at LifeBook. She dedicated her book to me, as her only child, which, of course, was enough to move me to tears, but also caught me completely off guard, as I had no idea she was undertaking such a huge task. The book captured so many of my own memories as her daughter, but also so many missing and new pieces of her life that I did not know about – I can now relish the fact that I do. I cannot even describe how meaningful it is to have her life story captured in a book I can read over and over and over again for the rest of my life and for my children to pass on to their own children. It gave me insight into so many phases of her life and those of our ancestors as well. I treasure all of it.

Tom, I cannot thank you and your team enough for providing such a wonderful opportunity for individuals and families to capture memories that would one day be forgotten and left behind.  Not only my mom’s work, but your work is tremendous and the process that makes it possible is too impressive for words. I loved the clever and fitting titles Mom chose for each chapter, the many details therein, and, of course, the dozens of photographs. Thank you for time and the guidance your team provided throughout the process. 

With all of that said, I thank my extraordinary mom for her hard work in writing and putting this private autobiography together as a legacy to her family and to all of you at “LifeBook, more than words,” for making it possible. I will treasure this work of art and love always.


Jodi Rudd Bouris, only child and daughter of author

KelliKelli - LifeBook Private autobiography

Hello Tom, 

My name is Kelli Bornsheuer and I am the only granddaughter to Jerrie, currently residing in Peoria, IL, USA. From all of us, I want to say thank you for taking my grandma’s pictures, emails, and stories and turning them into this beautiful, professional and heartfelt private autobiography. Gold Street to Golden Years is such a work of art, something I will forever cherish. 

This was such a big but important project for my grandma and you, as well as the team at LifeBook, made the project a little less stressful. Also, Grandma learned a lot about technology during the process. She worked on this memoir while in Florida, as well as at home in Illinois. It was such a positive distraction for her to get away from the chaos of the outside world.

I am very proud of my grandma for completing this precious book and look forward to passing it along to future generations. Each time I read it, I always find a new story that grasps my full attention. This keepsake will and does remain very close to my heart.

Thank you again, Tom. 

From Kelli


My grandma was able to keep her ‘secret project’ from me for about an hour and a half before she had to let me in on it – after all, I’ve always been her ‘tech support’ and she needed help getting all the pictures lined up. For more than a year after that first phone call, it seemed that every spare ounce of energy she had was being poured into this project!

We knew her primary motivation was to craft a beautiful gift for her only daughter – and the one person who ended up not knowing about it by the time the books were actually received – but it has turned out to be a remarkable gift for the entire family.

Within the first few pages, I was learning fascinating stories about my grandparents’ younger years together and was calling my grandma to demand why I was just hearing these tales now. This is a book I will cherish for the rest of my life and I look forward to sharing it with Jerrie’s first great-grandson, once he arrives later this year!


Tom Harnett – Project Manager

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