Highlights Audiobook

& Photos

“It’s something very special to hear my parents’ voices tell their stories”

Your favourite stories, told by you in your voice

Included in your LifeBook project is an audio recording (audiobook) of you reading out your favourite stories from your own book at your final review. Our sound editor combines this with digital copies of all the photographs used in the book for your safekeeping, enjoyment and for sharing with the family.

This is supplied on a large USB stick in a beautiful presentation case.

Highlights audiobook

1. We record you reading

2. We create your audiobook

3. You enjoy listening

Gifting a LifeBook

Share your life story with your family.

Your Highlights audiobook and digital photos are now included in your LifeBook package, and they're presented to you on a high quality USB stick in a beautiful presentation box.

The LifeBook™ Autobiography Package Your 20 hours of face-to-face meetings are developed into a manuscript by a professional ghostwriter, which is regularly edited by our team in the UK through consultation with you. We then add your photos, and after a final review and your sign-off the completed LifeBook is printed, section-sewn and linen-bound into beautiful hand-crafted books.

Your LifeBook Team (click to open)
Project manager
Professional ghostwriter
Autobiography production time*
12 meetings 20 (hours)
Ghostwriting time 70 (hours)
Project management 20 (hours)
Editing/ proofreading/ typesetting 30 (hours)
Audio production 10 (hours)
Total: 150 (hours)

* all times are estimates

The specifications
Books in package 10
Words (up to) 45,000
Pages (up to) 200
Images (up to) 60
Archive paper Yes
Section-sewn Yes
Linen cover Yes
Gold or silver embossed Yes
Designed dust jackets Yes
Highlights audiobook Yes
Payment methods and total cost
Method Payments Cost
Instalments 6 £1,000
Full payment** 1 £6,000

Total cost: £6,000 ** Special offer if you choose the one-off full payment, you’ll receive 5 extra copies worth £375. That’s 15 copies in total.

Payment methods and total cost
Method Times Cost
Installments 6 £1,000
Full 1 £6,000

Total Cost: £6,000

Special offer if you choose the one-off full payment, you’ll receive 5 extra copies worth £375.

All autobiographies are priced for the English language and are zero rated for VAT.

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