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The role of the LifeBook Ghostwriter is to bring an author’s stories to life in a memoir that they will share with their family today and for generations to come. Using the 11 regular 90-minute interviews

provided by the author’s interviewer  over a four-month period, the ghostwriter will listen to the material and capture the author’s voice and life story in written prose.

In order to develop the author’s story as comprehensively and accurately as possible, we send regular review copies to them. This allows the author to make any amendments and provide advice or comments for the ghostwriter in a two-way process.
The author’s changes are then incorporated into the book, along with any new material, to ensure the manuscript evolves over the interview period.
Each of our authors offers their own unique story, providing a rewarding project for the ghostwriter to turn into an autobiography. This is a freelance writing role ideal for anyone who loves to write as a hobby, or would like a regular supply of writing projects.

Role requirements:

  • Demonstrable writing and editing skills – every new ghostwriter will initially be asked to undertake a test that is representative of the kind of work they will be asked to do
  • An enthusiastic attitude with a desire to write well and take pride in what is produced
  • A keen eye and attention to detail – we have a duty of care to our authors to accurately capture their stories
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to work both autonomously and as part of a project team
  • The ability to meet a 48-hour turnaround time when writing up each 90-minute interview
  • Experience using web-based platforms and Microsoft Word

  • The ability and willingness to adapt the writing style if required and take on board any feedback
  • An understanding of the need for complete confidentiality and discretion

In addition to the remuneration of the role, we offer the following benefits:

  • Each author has a unique story and you will take full ownership of the writing of that story (NB This does NOT include copyright)
  • A regular stream of freelance work based on your capacity and availability; our writers typically work on 1-3 books at any given time and we would expect one book to require 5-6 hours each week
  • We try wherever possible to match ghostwriters to authors who share similar interests
  • Open, constructive feedback from your own assigned editor to help you develop as a writer
  • An impressive addition to your CV


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