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While pictures may convey a thousand words, our feelings convey so much more …

Whilst the capturing of the autobiography and the preparation of a print‑ready typeset takes over 100 hours of work from your team, the art of preserving this for future generations comes in the form of a team of craftsmen in London, printing, stitching and binding your beautiful hand‑crafted books using the highest quality paper. These skilled craftsmen spend hours creating a very personal and unique book from the highest quality materials.

Record your journey

We will assign a project manager to manage your requirements and to cost your LifeBook accordingly.

LifeBook has an experienced team used to working in a wide variety of print and publishing projects. We’re confident we can meet your needs.

Collecting your story

A dedicated personal interviewer will gather life stories and recollections to help create an autobiography through a series of regular meetings, reviews and edits over a six-month period. An experienced, professional writer will then shape these into a unique LifeBook autobiography.

The completed LifeBook autobiography is presented as five beautiful books, each up to 160 pages, including around 60 photographs and with a hardback linen cover and embossed title; a special gift and a celebration of a lifetime of memories.

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“Everyone has a story to share”

Ali in Uk, father in Boston


“Communicating between generations”

Alise Kirtley, London

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“LifeBook™ is the best way I’ve come across of passing on one’s history and family background to future generations.” – LifeBook™ author

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A treasure for generations to come

Whatever the need, we can help you capture fond memories and share amazing life stories in a unique autobiography that will be treasured by all members of the family and be cherished as a lasting legacy down through the generations.

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