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Initiate A Loved One’s Private Autobiography Today

Why wait? Initiate a loved one’s private autobiography today.

There is no comparison to giving a completed LifeBook to a loved one. Not only will it preserve the author’s legacy, but it will ensure their life and most cherished stories are captured forever and passed down through the generations.

This should be on their bucket list and it is important you tick it off!

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Before it’s too late …

Too many times have we seen potential LifeBook gifters procrastinate from investing in a project for a loved one and, for some, it was too late. It is a great shame because not only does the author miss out on the cathartic experience of revisiting their life, but the families suffer as they are not able to learn more about their grandmother, grandfather, mother or father’s life.

Ali’s Story

“Congratulations on what you have built LifeBook. The entire process, from start to finish has been incredibly meaningful for all of us. It was a tremendous project for her (his mother)…especially during such a challenging year health-wise. The book gave her purpose and a productive distraction from the unpleasant realities of her multiple surgeries. It helped sustain her during that time, and now she is much better physically AND emotionally/spiritually. LifeBook was an instrumental part of her healing. Thank you for all you’ve done for our family. Your entire team were truly great to work with.”

– Andrew Crowell, LifeBook client

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Share your life story with your family.

The LifeBook™ Autobiography Package
Your 20 hours of face-to-face meetings are developed into a manuscript by a professional ghostwriter, which is regularly edited by our team in the UK through consultation with you. We then add your photos, and after a final review and your sign-off the completed LifeBook is printed, section-sewn and linen-bound into beautiful hand-crafted books.

Your story. Told by you. Written by us.

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