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Corporate History – LifeBook CustomBespoke

Posted on Sep 27, 2017 in Editorial.

Corporate History 

A fascinating corporate history bespoke project

Having captured the fascinating story of the growth of one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world, we are now at the exciting stage of editing the manuscript. The recently retired chief executive has been here at the LifeBook office to give instructions to the editorial team, who will ensure his company’s story is presented just as he wants it to be. Through carefully selecting and working with appropriate specialists on our corporate histories, we ensure our writers have insight into the industry – an essential factor in conveying a corporate story. Company archives are also carefully explored for images and/or documents to compliment the text.


Both companies are leaders in their industries

Recently, we have also had a team in the US gathering primary research and interviewing the management team of an international specialist chemical engineering company. The month before this, we were again in the US, working with a very successful steel fabrication business. Both companies are leaders in their industries and have amazing stories to tell.

Our corporate history projects have come through personal recommendations

All our corporate histories have come through personal recommendations – a testament to the quality of work we produce. If you feel you have an interesting story to tell, then let us help you write about it. Don’t let your legacy become lost.

Click here to learn more about our corporate history projects from the CustomBespoke team.

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