Anne – A LifeBook Client

‘Hello, my name is Anne Stephens. I thought long and hard about trying to do a story for Mum, especially her experience during the war. Her father was a farmer in Sussex during the war and they ran a B&B here and I know there are lots of stories that she’s told me over the years about her life here as a teenager and when she was a land girl during the war. My dad’s story we’re also doing at the moment though he has passed away and all about his military campaigns in the war. All about his life, his father’s life and his mother’s life which was extraordinary, travelling in the Far East in the early part of the last century and right up to his death here in Sussex. My mum’s still alive aged 94 and enjoying her book immensely and we’ve got lots of copies. We lend them to friends and they’re all inspired’

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