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Created with 8 contributions

The Celebration Step by Step

LifeBook Celebration is a beautiful gift and the perfect way to celebrate a significant milestone on the horizon, a forthcoming retirement or perhaps just to let someone special know how amazing they are!

The book incorporates material gathered from interviews carried out with the recipient’s friends, family and loved ones to create a special tribute-style book. We will collate these memories and stories to produce five hand-crafted copies to be treasured for ever.

Team Project manager, interviewer, ghostwriter, editor, typesetter and proofreader
Number of contributors 8 (friends & family)
Number of interviews 8 x 60 minutes
Interview style Skype or telephone 
Single-page contributions written by friends or family 5 (no interview)
Project manager Yes
Number of books 5
Timescale 2-3 months
Linen cover Yes
Archive paper Yes
Gold or silver embossed Yes
Interview* 8 hours
Ghostwriting* 40 hours
Project management* 30 hours
Editing* 10 hours
Proofreading* 5 hours
Typesetting* 5 hours
Total time* 98 hours
Words (up to) 20,000
Pages (up to) 150
Photographs (up to) 50
Payment option  
4 equal instalments of £1,000 (interest free)


Full Payment Special Offer
Special Offer if you choose the one-off full payment you’ll receive 5 extra copies worth £300. £4,000
Additional contributor 1 x 60-minute interview
20 pages
10 photographs
1 extra book
Extra single-page tributes   £100
Extra hardback books   £60
Dust Jackets Designed £15
Extra paperback books   £15

* all times are estimates
All autobiographies are priced for the English language and are zero rated for VAT.
Extras may be purchased with order or prior to completion.

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