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BBC Radio 4 Presenter Nick Baker of ‘Niche work if you can get it’ Visits LifeBook

Posted on Jun 13, 2017 in Editorial.

The show’s title is Niche work if you can get it (Life Story Writers).The programme produced from these interviews was transmitted on the 17th January 2018 at noon (12:00 GMT) on BBC Radio 4.

You can hear it here. Press The Play Button.


You can also listen the show on the BBC website: Click Here

Before the show was broadcasted we enjoyed the visit from BBC Radio 4’s

Nick Baker (presenter) and his producer Leeanne Coyle came to interview our founder Roy Moëd and some of our fantastic team about the niche work they do and the service we provide.

Our own Tom Harnett (regular editorial contributor and LifeBook project manager) was nominated to give Nick and Leeanne an insight into the work that’s involved in creating a LifeBook autobiography. He called in some help from a few interviewers, ghostwriters and authors to give a better picture of the whole process. Nick spoke to all of them and it was particularly great to hear how the authors loved the experience of the project and their personal journey through it as much as they loved and valued the end result.



Niche work if you can get it, BBC Radio 4 presenter Nick Baker and his producer Leeanne interviewing our founder Roy Moëd about the hundreds of autobiographies produced by LifeBook to date.

Nick, Roy and Leeanne all move on to the ‘magic barn’ to meet Tom and the rest of the production team.

BBC Radio 4 presenter Nick Baker and his producer Leeanne finish off their visit with an interview with Yvette, LifeBook’s director.

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