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The experience of sharing your stories in an autobiography for your loved ones

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Your personal interview


The author will enjoy regular face-to-face interviews over four to five months. The interviewer records all the sessions and helps select photographs for the book.

We'll write your biography


With our professional interviewers, writers and project managers guiding you through the experience every step of the way, you can recount the defining moments of your or a loved one’s life and preserve those memories and experiences for generations to come.

Your LifeBook


Our team ensures your stories, photographs and memories are brought together to create your LifeBook™.

We believe that everybody has a story to tell; let us help tell yours

Let LifeBook™ help you share your life story, or help a loved one write their own unique autobiography and create a lasting legacy spanning generations.

How LifeBook™ works

Getting your story just right takes time

This book will be your legacy; a loving record of family, work and adventures, so it has to be perfect. Turning a whole life into a story can seem like a daunting task, so at LifeBook™ we’ve worked hard to make it as simple and rewarding as possible.

Creating your LifeBook™ is a simple three‑stage process

1. Personal interviews

The author will enjoy weekly face-to-face interviews, which take place over three months. The interviewer records all of the sessions and will also help select photographs to include in the book.

Our dedicated, fully-trained interviewers take enormous pride in helping capture all of a life’s experiences in a personal autobiography. They will be local to the author and individually selected to meet their personal preferences. They help facilitate a life journey that unfolds in each interview by building a relationship with the author. Over a series of personal visits our interviewers help ensure the autobiography is a celebration of a lifetime of memories.

The process of LifeBook™ interviews is often a reinvigorating one. Authors find a new lease of life as they cast their minds back, reliving memories they’d forgotten they had.

2. Writing

One of our highly-skilled ghostwriters will then professionally write up the recordings from the interviews and bring the author’s amazing stories to life. They will capture the memories and anecdotes and gradually shape them into a unique life story to be cherished for generations.

The life story is taken from the digital recordings, focusing on maintaining the true voice of the author.

Throughout the project, the author will receive regular updates and the opportunity to edit their story as it develops, with the help of their interviewer and input from their editor and project manager. The author will also work with their LifeBook™ interviewer during the final stages of the project to ensure all their photographs are scanned and included in the right place in the book.

Getting your story just right takes time. This book will be your legacy; a loving record of family, work and adventures so it has to be perfect.

3. Your LifeBook

Our dedicated team will help you capture all of your life experiences as a personal autobiography to share with family and friends. Your project manager will ensure that the work of the interviewer, ghostwriter and editor is brought together to meet our high standards and thus producing a special gift and the ultimate autobiography.

Upon completion of the final edit, the autobiography will be printed and bound into five beautiful, hardback, linen‑covered books. A finished autobiography contains up to 160 pages, including up to 60 photographs and images selected by the author.

Whilst your LifeBook™ is a complete package, many customers enhance their orders with extra copies of the book, a dust jacket or gift box; we are very flexible and would be happy to discuss what we can do to meet your requirements.

Are you ready to start your LifeBook™ journey?

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“I gifted my 96‑year‑old father, Robert, a LifeBook”

Linden, London

“LifeBook believes everyone has a story”

“A gift with real meaning, I can hear it in the page”

Ali, UK

Who is LifeBook™ for?

Tell your own life story in an autobiography

Create an incredible, lasting legacy. The world around us is full of inspirational stories; for your family, the story of your life is one of them. With LifeBook™ you can create a professionally-written autobiography and share it as a gift now and for generations to come.

Capturing and sharing your life story is an opportunity to record and highlight memories from a particular time in your life, or it could be a complete history of your life so far.

Your autobiography is also a chance to pass on your wisdom and advice for your children and grandchildren.

Whatever life story you would like to tell, we can help.


“I would say it brought us closer … very much closer in the last few months doing this.”

Gift a LifeBook


Gift a LifeBook™ to a parent or loved one and help them tell their life story

For many, so much about our parents’ and loved ones’ triumphs and tribulations remain unrecorded. LifeBook™ believes in the power of bringing together these memories, captured as a complete autobiography and a lasting legacy.

Although they may not find it easy to recognise, the stories our parents and loved ones tell us about their own lives prove how amazing they are. A LifeBook™ autobiography means that their life story will be captured forever as a special gift for family and friends.

By articulating and sharing their memories – often for the first time – the LifeBook™ creation process will bring your family closer together in a journey of understanding. You and your children will be given the opportunity to get answers to a wealth of questions that will reconnect you, your parents and your whole family in a remarkable way.

Are you ready to start your LifeBook™ journey?

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