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Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of a Lifetime.
It Couldn’t Be Easier.

Chapter One. Welcome to LifeBook, the world’s leading memoir and autobiography service. Now it’s your turn to discover the pleasure that comes from turning a life well-lived into the story of your life!

How? By settling down and telling your children, your grandchildren, and perhaps even your great-grandchildren, the story of your life, in one beautifully written, illustrated, and printed volume. When you do, you’ll be creating a piece of family history that can be shared with generations to come.

With the help of our expert team of interviewers, ghostwriters, project managers, editors, typesetters, proofreaders, printers, and bookbinders, writing your life story couldn’t be easier or more Covid-19 safe. We even provide a free internet-connected tablet. The challenge of becoming an autobiography writer turns out to be a joy. It also turns into an audio treasure, with the one-hour recording we make of you reading favourite extracts from your book.

More than 8000 people already enjoy owning the LifeBook Autobiography or Memoir of someone they love.

LifeBook is the World's Leading Memoir and Autobiography Service

Documenting the Story of Your Life Couldn’t Be Easier…

1. Reminisce with Your Personal Biographer

First you just have to talk to one of our interviewers. Over the course of twelve 90-minute interviews he or she will help you tell your story. It’s that simple.

Our process is 100% Covid-19 safe, learn more about it here.

2. Read and Review

Next you simply read and review. Every minute of your conversations has been recorded and listened to by one of our memoir and autobiography ghost writers. They’re chosen for their ability to write your memoir in your ‘voice’.

3. Share Your Life Story with Loved Ones

When you’re happy with your manuscript, complete with photographs and significant documents, it’s time for the third and final stage: production.

Soon 10 copies of a beautifully bound, section-sewn, linen-covered, hardback book will be delivered directly to you and the family and friends you’ve chosen to receive a ‘first edition’.

Which leads to the fourth stage. Sharing and enjoying your very own personal autobiography, with those who matter most to you.

High-quality Memoirs: The Materials & Methods Required

In this video, bookbinding expert Francis Atterbury and LifeBook's founder Roy discuss our approach to making high-quality memoirs and, more importantly, why the choice of materials and bookbinding methods are so important. Francis has a long experience of making books and helped us establish our new way of making premium memoirs in 2018.

read more..

The Experience of a Lifetime


A large format personal autobiography written from 12 face-to-face* meetings. 15 beautiful, impressive hardbacks, ‘Imperial’ size, with audio highlights.

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A personal autobiography written from 12 face-to-face* meetings. 10 beautiful hardbacks, traditional ‘Royal’ size, with audio highlights.

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Have 2 Authors?
View our Together Package


Our premium personal autobiography package, written from 14 face-to-face* meetings. Printed and bound in beautiful hardback linen with one gold-embossed leather Author’s copy with all 20 copies gift wrapped and 10 audio highlights.

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More than 8000 people around the world have a copy of someone’s LifeBook Autobiography or Memoir
Wherever you are, we can tell your story

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