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Legacy: “The history of how you felt”

“Language allows us to reach out to people, to touch them with our innermost fears, hopes, disappointments, victories. To reach out to people we’ll never meet. It’s the greatest legacy you could ever leave your children or your loved ones: The history of how you felt.”
Simon Van Booy

We believe everyone has a story to tell; but don’t just listen to us, here’s what our customers have to say.

A LifeBook™ is a once in a lifetime opportunity to share your life story, or help a loved one write their own unique autobiography, creating a lasting legacy that will span generations.

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The reason LifeBook started: Roy’s father was interviewed to help him write his book, Life is for Sharing

The video interview:


The published book:

Video testimonials

Watch clips of our clients and authors talking about the journey of writing their own autobiographies.

Audio testimonials from LifeBook authors

Listen to short clips of our clients and authors talking about the journey of writing their own autobiographies.


“When I received the gift of a LifeBook™, I had great expectations, which were well fulfilled – a wonderful opportunity.”

“The process produces the best way that I’ve come across of passing on one’s history, family background and lifestyle to future generations.”

“LifeBook™ was a gift from my children, and I think it’s a fantastic idea.”

“It’s been a great experience and I’d really recommend people to do it.”

“I think LifeBook™ is an excellent way of passing on one’s life and it will be of value and guidance to children and grandchildren – I hope that future generations repeat it.”

“LifeBook™ was a gift from my children and it’s given me great pleasure. Hopefully they will treasure it – they will find out about myself, things I haven’t spoken about to them.”