Celebrate a wonderful career with a unique retirement gift

What better way to congratulate a colleague or to recognise a loved one and wish them a very happy retirement than with a LifeBook™ - a professionally written autobiography that is a great gift to say both thank you for all their work over the years and record their personal life too It is also a great way to mark your life’s journey so far!

Special celebrations such as retirement are perfect opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate a wonderful career and reflect on the family life that was mixed in and often was the reason to develop a career to give all of the things that you wanted for them. A LifeBook™ life story is your chance to give them a truly personal gift that celebrates your life, not just a special day.

Buying a LifeBook™ autobiography as a retirement gift is not just about buying a book and a series of face to face interviews. LifeBook™ is about providing a way of recalling precious memories, which will be transformed by the craftsmanship of a professional writer, but always in your voice, into a beautiful book to share and be cherished by all.

An enjoyable project that's as easy as 1, 2 , 3

Writing an autobiography can be very rewarding but can seem a little daunting to manage and write all aspects of a life story. That's why we are here to help!

1. Personal Interviews

  • Weekly face to face interviews
  • A trained interviewer local to you
  • Recorded interviews and help in selecting photographs

Our dedicated, fully trained interviewers help capture amazing life stories and take enormous pride in helping capture all of a life's experiences as a personal autobiography to share with family and friends. They help facilitate a life journey that unfolds in each interview, by building a relationship with the author. Over a series of personal visits our interviewers help ensure the autobiography is delivered as a celebration of a lifetime of memories.

2. Professionally written

  • A professional ghost writer to shape your stories
  • Monthly updates on the story so far
  • Your life story is taken from digital recordings so is in "your voice"

Our highly skilled ghostwriters bring an author’s amazing stories to life in an autobiography based on recorded interviews. These memories and life stories are then transcribed weekly and shaped into a unique life story maintaining the true voice of the author. Gradually they are collated into the final autobiography to create a lasting family legacy.

3. Your LifeBook

  • Five beautifully bound hardback linen covered copies
  • Up to 160 pages
  • Illustrated with around 60 of your most precious photographs

Our dedicated team takes enormous pride in helping you capture all of a life's experiences as a personal autobiography to share with family and friends. Our experience managers lead the production team and are adept at proof-reading and editing skills working to a high editorial standard.

They ensure that the work of the interviewer and ghostwriter is brought together to provide the highest quality of editorial for the author, producing a special gift and the ultimate autobiography.

The completed LifeBook™ autobiography, illustrated with photographs is a celebration of a lifetime of memories. Delivered as five copies of your professionally written life story, in a beautiful hardback linen covered book, what better way to give your family a special gift.

A treasure for generations to come

The LifeBook™ life story that emerges is not only relevant to you the author, but also of enormous emotional significance for their family.

The autobiography is the perfect gift that celebrates your life story and provides your whole family with a lasting legacy too.

A completed LifeBook™ as a retirement gift is a celebration of a lifetime of memories - a special gift to treasure down through the generations.

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