A LifeBook™ autobiography

A dedicated personal interviewer will gather life stories and recollections to help create an autobiography through a series of regular  weekly meetings, reviews and edits over a six-month period. An experienced, professional writer will then shape these into a unique LifeBook™ life story.

The completed LifeBook™ autobiography is presented as five beautiful, hardback books each of up to 160 pages, with a linen cover, including around 60 photographs. All published as a special gift and a celebration of a lifetime of memories.

The full price of a LifeBook™ is £2,975. Alternatively you can pay by installments for a LifeBook - a deposit of £525 followed by 5 monthly payments of £525 - total price of £3,150.

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Bespoke - a flexible approach to meet your needs

Sometimes a life story needs to be captured in a very limited time, or you may only want to record your childhood memories to share with your grandchildren. Perhaps you would like to capture a whole family history, or you wished you had recorded the remarkable life of your parents or grandparents who have now passed away. Always wanted to write that novel, or have your partner's love letters turned into a beautiful printed volume? Do you need a book restored, or an out-of-print volume reprinted?

Whether long or short, whether a biography about you or a project about something else, our Bespoke LifeBook™ service can meet your particular needs.

We will assign a Project Manager to manage your requirements and to cost your LifeBook™ accordingly.

Bespoke LifeBook™ has an experienced team used to working in a wide variety of print and publishing projects. We're confident we can meet your needs.

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A treasure for generations to come

Whatever the need, we can help you capture fond memories and share amazing life stories in a unique autobiography that will be treasured by all members of the family and be cherished as a lasting legacy down through the generations..

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